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How we helped

Renovation Finance

Amount raised: £650,000

Purpose of finance: New business premises for business expansion and purchase of premises

Type of finance: 100% finance via Business Loan, Bridging Finance, Development Finance and Commercial


Client: Our client had an established café bar business and saw the opportunity in another city to replicate what they had…however the building was a Grade II Listed building that had been unoccupied for a number of years and significant investment would need to be raised. The business was a good strong trading business, with strong unique branding. The client was a complete visionary who was determined to make the project work. Central Finance worked hard to help them achieve their goals.

The Challenge:

Grade II Listed. No client experience in renovation/restoration. Minimal cashflow for works. Property was going to auction so the client need to complete quickly. Full planning consent was to be needed and change of use for the building.


Trading Business Loan - to provide the deposit towards the purchase and associated costs.

Short term Bridge Facility - to provide purchase funds and facility to enable planning consent to be obtained.

Development Finance Facility – once full planning was obtained a facility was set to enable the works to be completed.

Commercial Mortgage – a refinance was obtained on an owner occupied basis against the trading business.

And… the middle of all this an original roman floor was uncovered in the basement….we got there in the end though!


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