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Commercial Finance

Amount raised: £1,225,000

Purpose of finance: Portfolio Property Loan

Type of finance: Commercial Buy to Let Portfolio Mortgage – 100% finance raised.

The Client:

A challenging case where Central Finance were critical in raising funds to support the launch of a brand new clothing company.

Our client was looking to support his sons in a new venture requiring significant cash input. Timing was critical to raise funds to ensure that product was in line with summer/winter collection production timescales. Infrastructure for offices, procurement, branding, online platform for ordering were all requirements. The client had an excellent accountant supporting them and a robust business plan.

The Challenge:

The client had significant assets for which we could raise the funds. This money would then be lent from father to the sons newly formed limited company, which was not a property business. We needed to raise maximum loan to value against assets to reduce security taken which was particularly important to the client as these assets were owned with other family members. This presented a challenge in that the lenders who would have been suitable for a standard property transaction, would not support capital raising of funds not to be used for further property investment.

Additionally certain family members were not comfortable with the monies being raised and had concerns. Central Finance referred the client to a trusted legal practice who worked closely with the clients Accountants to ensure formal documentation and advice was given to help protect their interests.

Multi-tenanted properties with low grade EPC’s – total of 32 tenants.


Complete refinance of 4 key properties on a commercial mortgage


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