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Improve your business credit rating

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Improve your business credit rating with Lightbulb Credit Limited

We have recently partnered with Lightbulb Credit Limited to help our clients to know, understand, and where needed improve their business credit ratings.

Your company’s credit ratings impact your ability to raise finance, the terms offered by your suppliers, and even your ability to tender for work.


Given where we are in the economic cycle and with ever-increasing amounts of credit searches being run, business credit ratings really do matter now more than ever.

The following video explains exactly how credit ratings impact YOUR business:

Access your Free Credit insight report

See your company’s ratings from Creditsafe, Experian, Equifax, Red Flag Alert and D&B.

Increase your Business credit ratings

Through one of our Partners you could increase your Business credit ratings, look what we achieved for two of our customers;

Company A:
The client got improved terms from their suppliers, which negated the need for short term finance!

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Company B:
The increases below enabled CBF to raise over £1.5M of funding for this client, at better terms than originally proposed! All done with 7 days of client providing the correct information!

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The everchanging world of business credit ratings is complex and challenging to navigate. That’s where Lightbulb Credit come in.

Having worked exclusively in this space for almost 5 years, Lightbulb Credit can help you know,understand, improve, and monitor your outward-facing business credit ratings.


They have helped many of our clients and we would encourage you to get access your FREE Credit Insight report.

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