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Looking for a suitable grant - we know what funders are looking for

100% grant funding success

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Grant funding

There’s an array of business grants out there, available for business owners and entrepreneurs.


Whether you need to buy new assets, money to promote your business, or help refurbishing your commercial property for expansion – there are grants available that don’t need to be paid back.


But whilst the money’s available, the process of finding a suitable grant and applying and securing the funds, can be onerous and time-consuming for many 

busy, business owners. And what’s more, you don’t get the money for free, you’re often expected to fulfil certain conditions, like creating new jobs.


Good news, we can help. We have 20 years’ experience in this area so we know what funders are looking for - and with an enviable 100% application success rate.

Accessing grant funding was not something I considered until HSBC suggested meeting Central Finance. It was clear after meeting them that they had years of experience working with businesses to access Grant funding and that Central Finance would help us achieve our goals to invest in our future.

Michael Adams, Managing Director,
Birmingham Prototypes Ltd

We offer:

  • A full grant finding and application service 

  • Access to grants from £10,000 to £1,000,000 

  • 20 years grant experience of running grant programmes and making applications for clients 

  • A 100% grant application success rate


Facts & figures:


  • £5 Million Business Funding (Grants) agreed in last 12 months

  • Hundreds of businesses supported with successful grant applications

  • 100% Application Success Rate 


Case studies

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