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How we helped

Bridging Loans

Amount raised: £550,000

Purpose of finance: Emergency Funding Raised for Property Purchase

Type of finance: Bridging Finance – 100%

The Client:

An emergency case referred by a leading high street bank, Central Finance pulled out all the stops

Our client was a very successful business lady who had just retired and was in the process of selling her care homes. She had exchanged contracts on 2 new build properties that she had bought for family members and at the 11th hour the buyer of the care homes pulled out. Whilst the client was listing these properties in the auction, there was a deadline to meet for completion on the new builds. If she couldn’t complete on the said date, she would lose the properties and her monies paid to date.

The Challenge:

Timescale was key, the client had to complete within 3 weeks or lose the properties she desperately wanted.

The Solution:

Whilst the care homes seemed to be the obvious choice for the client, the reality was that we would have had to get 3 commercial valuations done and all the legals done within a 4 week timescale. The client owned a block of 20 flats unencumbered. The loan to value was less than 30% so Central Finance were able to secure a fantastic rate of 0.47% per month against this property on a 6 month bridging facility. The exit to the finance was the sale of the care home properties. The client only needed to sell one to repay the loan. There were a few challenges along the way with regards to few long term leases that weren’t evident at the onset but with the right team of solicitors on both the clients side and the lenders, we all worked together to resolve issues and get the deal across the line. The client sold one of the properties within 3 weeks of completion of the loan, so finance costs were kept to a minimum.


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