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How we helped

Development Finance

Amount raised: £950,000

Purpose of finance: Development of 2 Retail units and 10 flats

Type of finance: 100% funded via Buy to Let Mortgages, Trading Business Loan and Development Finance

The Client:

Our client came to us with no development experience but a great opportunity to build out on a plot of land next to his shop. The plans were for 2 retail units and 10 residential flats, which the client wanted to build out and retain for long term income and investment. The client had already obtained the land and full planning permission was in place.

The Challenge:

100% Finance required. No development experience. High Build Cost as a percentage of Gross Development Value. Ensuring the long term mortgage numbers covered the development finance costs


This was a particularly challenging case, where we had a client with vision but absolutely no idea how he was going to put it together. The particular challenge was the cost of the build, which was high presenting a challenge for all lenders as the profit was less than 15% of the Gross Development Value.

We had to structure the deal so that significant cash was raised to contribute to the build cost. Finance was raised as follows:

- Tranche of refinance raised against Buy to Let Investment Properties the client owned

- Trading Business Loan against supermarket business the client owned

- Development Finance Facility for balance of funds.

- Pre-agreed Commercial Mortgage for refinance once development is completed.


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