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How we helped

3-1-5 Health Club

Funding for fitness business future

3-1-5 Health Club is an award-winning, outstanding fitness and leisure facility in Lancaster supporting close to 7000 members with their physical and mental wellbeing and their future plans have been secured thanks to funding raised by Central Business Finance based in Birmingham.

Central Business Finance, an experienced and professional commercial finance company, supported the sporty enterprise by providing a funding package to refinance their current liabilities and agree a commercial mortgage on their impressive fitness facility boasting a state of the art swimming pool, spa and more.

The much loved fitness centre attracts over 50000 monthly visits and firmly puts people at the centre of their offering – whether that is the community they help keep fit and healthy or the ‘staff who are stars’.

Co-owner and director Sean Thornton said, "As a club we continually invest in our facilities and customer offering as we want to ensure our members want to be part of a community to reach their fitness goals – and they will only do that by being part of something beyond a building. To attract people, to develop a community – you need great facilities and whilst there has been uncertainty over the last few years due to the pandemic, we are pleased that here at 3-1-5 we continued to grow and invest. For us our focus is health and wellbeing, finance is not our strong point, and it was clear from working with Central Finance for many years, they could help us reshape our finances to be fitter financially.”

Steve Harris, Director at Central Business Finance adds; "Working with Sean Thornton and the 3-1-5 team is a little like their objective to work with people to be physically fitter, yet at Central Business Finance, the focus is on being financially fit for now and for the future."

"Supporting businesses like 3-1-5 to be financially fit is personally very rewarding knowing this helps the local community with their wellbeing in addition to keeping businesses alive and well and people in jobs they love."

Central Business Finance has worked with thousands of businesses in the last five years and has raised in excess of £200 million in grants and funding packages, creating new jobs and further investment in research and development, new technology, machinery, infrastructure, training and additional services.


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